We’re just a bunch of idealists who believe in the amazing things that creative people can accomplish when given the opportunity. 
This started with a question – what happens when we bring the most talented artists together, fostered a community of creativity while sharing unique and wonderful wall art with the world?
That’s why we started Sapien Creations. A global community for creative expression.

Our platform is proud to offer something different. We offer artists a platform to easily sell their artwork with a few simple clicks of a button. There is no production, logistics, capital or insider knowledge required, we let artists simply focus on what they do best. The only resources needed are a great visual story and the ambition to share original creations with the world.

By bringing artists from across the world together in one place, something amazing happens. A unique experience is created for you, the art collector – looking for a work of art that you'd never find anywhere else.

Together, we can empower by providing a platform to artists who may not be seen. We are united, through an appreciation for creativity, reminding us that we're not all that different.

Our commitment will always be to strive to develop an environmentally sustainable business operations that make our planet a better place. Beyond a brand, we're a movement.

Art collectors and talented artists, unite, and become part of our vision.

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